6 Rules Of Commercial Interior Design

There are several considerations specific to retail interior design to ensure that your project is a success.These include functionality, brand identity, creativity and uniqueness, budget and schedule. A properly designed commercial space will create an immersive user experience, resulting in the customer to slow down the shopping journey and potentially discover something new to buy. This results in better sales and enhanced customer retention. It is therefore important that the Interior designer is a part of the team right from the time the concept of the commercial space is being planned.

Product Display and Visual Merchandising
In any commercial or retail space the product display is central to the sales process. Throughout our process we work with you to determine how to best display your products in order to create a lasting user experience

Traffic Flow
How your customers navigate through you space is one of the most important factors in designing your interiors. There is no defined approach towards this and every project presents its own unique challenge. The idea is to slow down your customer journey so that they discover something new to buy every time.

Lighting must be done in a way that makes your store inviting to your customers. It must also provide an appropriate amount and color of light to accurately present the product.

Storage and Stocking
It is important to have ample and convenient storage solutions throughout your space. We are adept at designing versatile storage into displays, cash desks, back rooms and more

In commercial spaces, its important that they are designed in a way that it is easy to customize and move the shops/retail space easily without much change. The best way to ensure easy convertibility of the interior space is to keep them versatile.

Safety is the paramount feature in any building construction. Safety features should be infused into every interior design. Not just a statutory requirement, it is also the moral obligation of the interior designer as well as the client

Commercial Interior Design Services
We at Spire Live have diverse, hands-on experience in consulting projects ranging from multiple fit-out projects to complex building projects. Our services towards Commercial Interior design include designing complete interiors, civil, carpentry, furniture, furnishing, electrical, data and voice, HVAC, fire and security, plumbing amongst others.

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