7 Tenets Of Modern Interior Design

Every Interior Design is a process of listening to stories and incoporating them into vibrant living spaces. While every space tells its own unique story, there are 7 basic underlining factors that must be kept in mind while designing any home, office or a retail sapce.

SPACE – This is one of the most important elements of Interior Design . Space acts as a foundation on which entire Interior Design plan is built. A space that is essentially filled with furniture, items is a Positive Space and an empty space is Negative Space. An equilibrium has to maintain between the both.

LINE – It establishing a sense of harmony, contrast and unity in a living space. They define shapes and act as visual guides of Interior space. Lines are broadly categorised into three types Horizontal, Vertical and Dynamic. Horizontal lines adorn structures like table, chairs and beds. Vertical lines can be found on windows, doorways and wardrobes. Dynamic lines add drama to the space.

FORMS – It means a shape, a three dimensional object. A well defined form creates harmony and add balance to space.

LIGHT – This is one of the most obvious element of Interior Design. Either natural or man-made, without light other elements like color , texture and , texture and pattern have no significance at all. Light sets the mood and ambience into a living spaces and highlights the every other element including space, line and forms

COLOR-It establishes an aesthetic connection between objects and set the mood. Colors must be chosen according to the psychology and mindset of the clients.

TEXTURE Texture adds depth and interest to a living space. There are two Texture adds depth and interest to a living space. There are two types of textures. Visual Texture where the texture is only visible and Actual Visual Texture where the textureis both seen and felt.

PATTERN–It adds life to Interior Design along with colors. Pattern tells story . Pattern tells story of their own. It could be of any shape and mostly comprise of attractive repetitive designs.

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