Home libraries are  beautiful and functional way, to display books in such a way that makes them as easily accessible as they are aesthetic. We can stylishly create a home library space (large or small) that is both SMART and PRETTY.

Most of the people loves to read book and collecting them. Sometimes, it become difficult how to place and where to place bundles of book in a good way.

Pick any wall

Floor-to-ceiling shelves stuffed with books looks good. And the other good thing is by creating a built in bookshelf also benefits from putting a large piece of art on wall. It’s not necessary, library should only be in study or in personal room, it can be placed anywhere in home-living or dining.

Arrange books by colour

This strategy helps to arrange the random placed books into the orderly and bright color. It also turns the eye catchy area in your home.

Install creative shelving

By designing out of the box create immediate impact and visual interest in your home library. These cube cubbies installed diagonally, and looks artistic as they are useful.

Add a ladder

If your home library’s bookshelves extend to the ceiling, it makes both practical and beautiful sense to place a rolling ladder into the library design. 

Detailing in your home library

Fresh flower, stuffed seating and a rug, these are the small and basic detailing that can incorporate in your home library.

Wall lighting

Lighting plays an important role in any area of the house. When it comes to the home library, it totally depends on space and size of the bookshelf. Placing downward lighting at the top of the bookshelf will make the home library sophisticated.

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