Commercial & Nonprofit Interior Design

Carefully Designed To Enhance Customer Experience And Increased Sales

What Is Covered ?

A properly designed commercial / retail space will create an immersive user experience, resulting in the customer to slow down the shopping journey and potentially discover something new to buy

We provide turnkey Interior design services for Retail Showrooms, Hotels, Resort, Bar & Restaurant, Boutiques, spa & salon, Schools, Institutions & Coaching Centers,
Hospitals and Clinics

Retail Showrooms

Automobile Showrooms, FMGC Retail, Shopping Malls


Hi Street Fashion Boutiques, Fashion Designer Stores

Healthcare, Spa, Salon

Gyms, Salon, Spa, Yoga Centers, Clubs

Hotels, Resort, Bar & Restaurant

Hotels, restaurant, bar, Pub, Guest House, Holiday Homes

Hospitals & Clinics

Hospitals of All Size, Clinics, Physiotherapy Centers


Schools, Play School, College, Training Centers, Coaching Centers

Commercial Interior Design Services

Make The Most Of Your Space

We at Spire Live have diverse, hands-on experience in multiple fit-out projects to complex building projects & Our  Commercial/ retail Interior design services include complete interiors, civil, carpentry, furniture, furnishing, electrical, data and voice, HVAC, fire and security, plumbing amongst others

  • Interior design
  • Interior execution
  • Product procurement & Customization
  • Design and detailing services
  • Renovations and relocations

Commercial Interior Design Services

Make The Most Of Your Space




Why choose Us

Get What You Expect

Perfecting your Commercial space is crucial to enhancing your customer experience and boosting your sales. Our interaction with you will help us determine the blueprint of your future retail space.

Our Process

We at Spire Live are a team of passionate young Interior designers that aspire to listen to your story and ideas and bring them to life by creating spaces that radiate energy and vibrance. Every project, we do is a new journey of discovery and a fresh creative pursuit that results in unique and personalised  spaces

Understanding Your Story
Initial Design
Final Design
Production & Finishing

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